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Further Research and Development in Super Ferritic Stainless Steel Condenser Tubes-S44660

Further Research and Development in UNS#S44660 Super Ferritic Stainless Steel Condenser Tubes

Nowadays, the choice of condenser tube materials is vital to the whole power station equipment system and their efficiency and safety.  More and more companies focus on providing better solution for the power stations, since 1990’s, Super Ferritic Stainless Steel has been viewed as one of the best alternative to Ni-Cu Alloy and Titanium in Condenser tubes.Till today, the material has been improved according to the operation situation and technology development. Following, In order to take comparison for understand the development of such materials, We take a piece of brand sample tubes for comparison from one of overseas market and marked as US.

Chemical Composition Requirements:
Physical Property Comparison in UNS#S44660 between UNS#S44660 CN and US:
Notes :
a. Pitting Corrosion Test apply to ASTM G48 Method C, Keep in 6% FeCL3+1%HCl Solution under temperature of  65℃ for 72 hours.
b. Intergarnular Corrosion Test Apply to ASTM A763 Method Y, Keep in Cu-CuSO4 Solution under Boiling temperature for 120 Hours.
Crazy Flaring Test Results Comparison:
For Comparison, Flaring after qualified accord to standard, we continue to processing the test till crack and record the crack dimension.
The Limitation of S44660 in LSI Flaring to 35.9 and in US to 35.5, it prove that the flaring property for these two material is almost the same, no big difference.
Results see as photos:
FORM 3   Intergranular Corrosion Test Inside & Outside Metallographic
From above data, UNS S44660 is under great development till today. CN has the same physical property with other brand of UNS S44660 in the overseas market , See result  from form3, US  come out obvious grain boundary after intergarnular corrosion test, and CNwith no changes after that, meanwhile, corrosion rate data also can show that anti-pitting corrosion and anti-intergranular corrosion property of CN  are better than  US.          
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