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LSI Valve Division, Established in 2008 and speicializing in designing and producing forged material, wellhead equipment( API 6A valves), API 6D pipe line valves, x-mas tree, manifold and fracturing equipment, cooperated with Sino-US Manufacturer,We totally have 4 plants from forging, heat treatment, CNC machining, welding, assembly, test (material inward test and products test such as MT, UT,PT, pressure test ) to marking and packing. Our plant have the approved certifications such as ISO9001, API6A, API6D.
Our products is widely used in Petrochemical,Gas and Oil Industries,Power Stations,etc all alround the world.


Wellhead and Christmas tree is used for well drilling and oil or gas production, water injection and downhole operation. wellhead and christmas tree is installed on the top of a well to seal the annular space between casing and tubing, can control wellhead pressure and adjust well flow rate and transport oil from well to pipe line.
Our Plant design and manufacture the wellhead and christmas tree in according with API 6A standards totally, also can be supplied to meet the complete material class, temperature range and PSL& PR level requirements. We have lots of type of wellhead for choice,such as conventional spool wellhead, ESP wellhead system, thermal wellhead ,water injection wellhead, time saving wellhead, dual tubing wellhead, integral wellhead,etc.


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API 6A Gate Valves provided by LSI are field proven valves which strictly designed and manufactured according to API 6A and API Spec Q1 by forging or casting AISI 4130/4140 low alloy or AISI 410 SS steel. Some extreme materials for extreme service, such as Inconel or Duplex stainless steel are available as well.

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Gate Valve FC type is a field-proven valve which provides reliability and interchangeability, bi-directional sealing and a non-rising stem making it ideally suited for drilling Manifolds, X-mas trees and severe service,one piece gate helps to prevent line sediment from entering the body cavity and prevents pressure locks when the upstream pressure drops,Easily equipped with Hydraulic Actuators for Manifold or Subsea service.
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Choke manifold is a system of valves and chokes for controlling the flow from the well usually has two flow paths, one adjustable choke used primarily for cleaning the well up and facilities to install and change choke of fixed sizes for a more accurate flow control during main well flow periods.
Each flow path has two closing gate valves which are used to direct the flow through either of the chokes or the chokes or the bypass and to provide isolation from pressure when changing the fixed choke. A dual isolation, double block and bleed valve arrangement is recommended for high pressure, sour gas and sand frac clean ups.

The surface choke has these principle functions:
• It allows wellhead pressure to be controlled, improving safety.
• It maintains a certain flow rate, as required for testing. A test can require different flow
rates over several time periods, requiring the use of different choke sizes.
• It prevents formation sand from entering the well by limiting the flow rate. Limiting the
flow rate reduces the speed of the fluid, which in turn, minimizes the amount of sand
entering the well.
• It also prevents water and gas coning by limiting the flow rate.
• It is also used to ensure that the flow is critical, meaning that the pressure fluctuations
downstream of the choke manifold do not affect downhole pressure and flow rate of the well.